Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stovall's Inn of Tomorrow - Anaheim, CA

This one's a bit of a mystery. Compare this Anaheim hotel - and its background (even the car in the left foreground) - to that of The Cosmic Age that I posted earlier today. Identical, right? And yet this one's supposedly located at 1110 W. Katella, and the Cosmic Age was at 1717 S. Harbor Blvd. What gives?

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  1. In a AAA directory still in my parents' basement, dating back to around 1972, the same photo is used for these two Stovall properties, EXCEPT: in one, the sky is dark; in the other the dark sky has been cropped out from most of the shot but can still be seen under the porte cochere at left. The cars and landscaping are the same for both, ... and then the SIGN is DIFFERENT. Even as a youngster looking through the book four, five years later, the obvious con job bothered me.

    One might forgive Stovall's or Best Western for getting pictures of the buildings mixed up, if they were so identically constructed. But to use the same photo for both places, change the signs, AND USE THEM AS POSTCARDS distributed right there at the motels -- that bothers me even more!

    I have a book on Los Angeles architecture that includes an entire chapter devoted to Disneyland and its surroundings. It was very positive in its assessment of Stovall's Best Westerns, and the way their decorative aspects so exuberantly captured the optimistic spirit of space exploration and the quest to reach the moon by the end of the 1960s.


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